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Half-Nelson Turnover into Scarf Hold 
(Kesa-Gatame) Right handed

Judo Class

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Steven Seck, Instructor

PE Dept
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Step 1
 Picture of Step 1
The partner is on their hands and knees or stomach from an unsuccessful throw attempt or your own throw.  You begin by putting your right arm under and through their right armpit.
Step 2 
 Picture of Step 2
Place your right hand on top of their head and push down.
Step 3  Picture of Step 3 Push with your chest and use a levering action with your right arm.
Step 4
 Picture of Step 4
As the partner rolls onto their back secure the scarf hold as outlined in steps 7 through 10 of the Major Outer Reaping Throw.

Copyright© 1 August 1999 Steven Seck