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Shallow Water Circuit Using Hydro-Tone

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Each participating student has boots on their feet and carries a set of bells from one station to the next for use as indicated or as desired.

 Many of these exercises are illustrated on Hydro-Tone's Exercise Charts (http://hydrotone.com/exercises.html) or Hydro-Tone's Cookbook of Moves.

I try to mix the stations up so that one is upper body, one is lower body, and one might be both or more aerobic in nature.

Note: The links below will show you video segments of those exercises. You need RealPlayer software to view them. This software is available free in both Mac and IBM formats.

Stations designed to work the upper body

Picture showing Starting position for Rotator Cuff Move
Picture showing bell moved across the body
Picture showing bell moved back to side
Lateral Raise starting position
Lateral Raise
Starting position
Lateral Raise with bells up
Lateral Raise
Bells up
Lateral Raise ending position
Lateral Raise
Ending position
AquaFlex paddle starting position - palm up
Begin with paddles/bells palm up
AquaFlex paddle palm down
Finish with paddles/bells palm down

Stations designed to work the lower body

picture showing starting position for Cowboy Kick Picture showing knee up Picture showing position at end of kick Picture showing recovery position Picture showing ending position of the kick
Karate Kick - knee lifted to side
Begin with lifting knee/foot
to the side
Karate Kick - kick to side
Kick foot to side, keeping toes 
facing forward
Karate Kick - knee lifted to side
Bring foot back before standing
and repeating move with other leg

Stations designed to work both upper and lower body

Picture showing starting position
Picture showing situp position
Picture showing ending position

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