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PE 666 Online Class
Body Conditioning  
Course Description:

This course teaches body fitness. It emphasizes aerobics, proper nutrition, weight control, and strength training in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines. A variety of exercises and techniques will be used, based on personal needs, to establish programs that will achieve these goals.

Instructors Names:
Glenn Johnson
Email the Instructor:

Complete the Mailform for Linda Delzeit (until the class is assigned to an instructor)

See Linda Delzeit in L-270 if you have questions
Course Management System:
Required Meetings:
No required meetings. Orientation strongly recommended for students who have not taken courses in Moodle previously.

Unscheduled at this time.

Link to Virtual Classroom:


No required text. You will utilize the World Wide Web.

Recommended Text: Fitness For Life by Allesen, Harrison, Vance, 6th Ed.

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Read the current Online Student Guide for your class. This is available on the Moodle home page.

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August 20, 2009