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Health 11 Online Class
Principles of Healthful Living
Course Description:

This course offers concepts to use today and tomorrow as guidelines for self-directed responsible living.  Emphasis is placed on relating health concepts for the individual's well being in personal, community, vocational, and leadership roles.

Instructor Names:

Glenn Johnson and Linda Delzeit

Email the Instructor:

Complete the Mailform for Glenn Johnson

Complete the Mailform for Linda Delzeit

Course Management System:
Required Meetings:
No required meetings. Orientation strongly recommended for students who have not taken classes that used the Moodle course management system previously.

Fall 2011, Section #7901 begins 8/29 and ends 12/18/11

Spring 2012, Section 7900 (Delzeit) and Section 7901 (Johnson) begins 2/6/12 and ends 6/4/12

Link to Virtual Classroom:


Note: The Spring 2012 online classes may not use any textbooks. Do not purchase a textbook without checking with instructor first.

Link to Online Bookstore - be sure to verify the information below before purchasing your textbook. The information below may have changed. Picture of Textbook Cover

Hahn, Dale B and Payne, Wayne A. Focus on Health. McGraw-Hill, 10th Edition, 2008. ISBN: 978-0073380896

eTextbook available -

10th edition:

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October 7, 2011